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Dutchess County
       A Division Boys
              Dutchess 4A
              Dutchess 5A
              Dutchess 6A
              Dutchess 7A
              Dutchess 8A
       A Division Girls
              Dutchess 8G A
              Dutchess 6G A
       B Division Boys
              Dutchess 5B
              Dutchess 78B
       B Division Girls
              Dutchess 56G B
Orange County
       Orange Boys A
              Orange 4A
              Orange 5A
              Orange 6A
              Orange 7A
              Orange 8A
       Orange Boys B
              Orange 4B
              Orange 5B
              Orange 6B
              Orange 7B
              Orange 8B
       Orange Girls
              Orange 4G
              Orange 5G
              Orange 6G
              Orange 8G
Ulster County
       Ulster Boys Division
              Ulster 3/4 Boys
              Ulster 5 Boys
              Ulster 6 Boys
              Ulster 7 Boys
              Ulster 78 Boys
              Ulster 8 Boys
       Ulster Girls Division
              Ulster 3/4 Girls
              Ulster 56 Girls
              Ulster 78 Girls