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  1. Contestants have 1 minute to make as many baskets as possible from the 5 designated spots.
    1. The competition will start under the basket in a lay-up spot.
  2. Each basket is worth 1-5 points depending on the spot from which it is taken: (please follow diagram provided)
    1. Lay-up = 1 point
    2. Free throw line = 2 points (4th & 5th grades shoot at 12’ FT line; 6th - 8th grades shoot at 15’ FT line)
    3. 12’ shot = 3 points
    4. 15’ shot = 4 points
    5. 3 pointers = 5 points
  3. No more than 2 consecutive shots from the lay-up spot are allowed. After the 2nd consecutive lay-up attempt, the shooter must move to an area of a different point value and attempt a shot before returning to the lay-up spot. If a player fails to move to a different spot after 2 lay-up attempts, all successful attempts and makes will not count until the shooter moves to and attempts from another point value or spot.
  4. No limits on consecutive shots taken on spots other than lay-up spots.
  5. Contestants must rebound their own shots.
  6. The highest single round score will determine the winner.
  7. In case of a tie: (individuals with the same scores)
    1. Contestants will have :30 seconds to make as many baskets as possible from the 5 designated spots
    2. All other rules stated above will be followed
    3. Shooter with the highest combined score determines winner (1st round + 2nd round).





  1. The divisions will be as follows:
    1. 4th grade boys                  
    2. 5th – 6th grade girls
    3. 5th grade boys
    4. 6th grade boys
    5. 7th grade boys                  
    6. 7th - 8th grade girls
    7. 8th grade boys
  2. Each parish program (that participates) will host a competition at their parish gymnasium. The contestant with the highest score from each division (at the parish level) will advance to compete against other parish winners. (Parents: please contact your child's coach in regards to dates & times for parish competitions)
  3. All parish competitions need to be completed by January 18, 2015. All parish winners should be reported to County Coordinator as soon as possible. There will be 3 rounds:
    1.  1st round-parish level; 1 winner from each parish per division
    2.  2nd round-Upper County winners (Good Shepherd, Holy Trinity, Regina Coeli, St Christopher, St Joseph, St Martin); Lower County winners (St Columba, St Joachim, St Mary Fishkill, St Mary Wappinger Falls) 
    3.  the finals will consist of a winner from the Upper County Division & the Lower County Division
  4. Hot Shot County Competition Finals will take place during the weekend of County Championships. Times will be determined by the County Coordinator.
  5. Same rules will be followed throughout the competition.
  6. Each contestant will be asked to donate to Catholic Charities Feeding Our Neighbors Campaign through food donations. These donations will be gathered for our Catholic Charities Special Dietary Needs Food Pantry in Poughkeepsie. Please choose items from the food pantry list provided.


Catholic Charities Special Dietary Needs Food Pantry

218 Church Street

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601


Suggested Food Pantry List

                  Black beans, canned or dried


                  Canola Oil

                  Olive Oil

                  Crackers, salt free

                  Fruit, canned, unsweetened

                  Fruit leathers

                  Jam, jelly sugar free

                  Oatmeal Plain-Steel Cut

                  Almond Butter (low sodium)

                  Peanut Butter (low sodium)

                  Tuna Fish (canned in water)

                  Salmon (canned in water)

                  Chicken breast (canned in water)

                  Vegetables, canned, low-salt 


                  Spices (including dried onions & garlic)


                  Whole wheat pasta 



                  Jell-O-sugar free






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I hereby consent to the taking of photographs, movies, or videos of my child/children by CYO Basketball or its designated representatives in connection with any advertising. I also grant the rights to edit, use, and reuse said products for any and all purposes selected by CYO Basketball and release any and all rights, title, and interest we may have in such photographs, movies, or videotapes, finished pictures, reproductions, copies of negatives of the same in connection with such uses.

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